Basically, this seems an easy task. A few days ago, britney already considered itself happy enough to allow xorg-x11 out, but traded that in for uninstallability of gnome-desktop-environment - which was of course a non-option, as that would break most etch installs.

To keep gnome-desktop-environment installable, totem needs to be installable, and for that, totem-gstreamer and totem-xine needs to stop depending on xlibs. This is an easy rebuild, except that xine-lib in sid was RC-buggy.

After an maintainer upload fixed that, everything seemed settled. Until we noticed that xine-lib cannot be build, as the new gstreamer0.10 version in sid prevented any builds on buildds because it couldn't work as build-dependency if there was no home directory.

This was solved by an fast maintainer reaction after this feature was marked as being in the way.

Unfortunatly, at the same time as gstreamer0.10, also gst-plugins-base0.10 was uploaded to sid. That shouldn't make any difference, except that the new totem builds also depend on the new version of gst-plugins-base0.10. As gst-plugins-base0.10 is working, that is not an issue.

However, gst-plugins-base0.10 also depends on liboil. And in unstable, there is a very technical interessting RC bug #368991. So, the next task is to resolve that bug report - any help is welcome. Let's see what is next.

Update: In none of the cases, I was complaining about the maintainers. I know that some of the bug reports are really difficult, but e.g. looking at the most recent bug report, the maintainer seems about to fix it locally in this lib (though one might want to argue that gcc should be able to get it out by itself). My intention was to show how long sometimes a rather simple thing could get. In the beginning, all was a "simply rebuild" - now we have a rather large block of packages clueing together.