A few days ago I blogged about liboil being in the way for gst-plugins-base0.10, which itself blocks xine-libs being built, which is needed for gnome to go in, and the old xorg-x11 to go out.

Now, we made some fantastic success. Liboil is in testing.

However, now we get to more issues: xine-lib FTBFS on sparc with the wonderful error /tmp/ccoqKu6u.s:6222: Error: Illegal operands: There are only 32 f registers; [0-31]. Gotcha.

Also, totem now needs also the new version of rhythmnbox in testing - and rhythmbox does not only depend on totem, but also on dbus (0 days), gnome-media (which waits for nautilus-cd-burner, which has itself a bunch of issues open), and the libsexy transition.

Let's see how long it takes to sort xorg-x11 out.