These articles cover my way to DebConf 11 through Hrvatska and Bosna i Hercegovina. After telling my initial plans to go by train (mostly) and bus (where it couldn't be avoided) on IRC, I was warned that public transport is quite bad and unreliable. Also, as I live in München, of course this part of Europe was always known as "near" and "could be visited any time" (which means "one never gets to it"; and I can still remember the time when it was Yugoslavia - there are and always were many people living here from that part of Europe; in fact, it's nearer than some parts of Germany). I plan to publish more parts of my way within the next days.

Already at home I also learned that most trains in Hrvatska (and all in Bosna i Hercegovina) are not part of the usual train information system, so it was a bit more advanced to find out the appropriate connections. And in both countries there are only a few trains running, so one shouldn't miss a train ("few" means e.g. two per day and direction - but one at most unappropriate times, so really only one suiteable).

The first day saw me boarding the Suburban train (S-Bahn) at my usual station, changing platforms and trains at München Ost station and then I was sitting in a train to Zagreb. Nothing strange there, except that the coach I had an seat reserved in was missing. I learned later on that it happens more often that the coach from Serbia is not there because it's technically too unfit to send it to Germany -- and usually, there will be more coaches added in Ljubljana. Border checks were uneventfull but at the slovenijan border my passport was stamped (not sure why, didn't happen on the way back).

Train in Österreich

After arriving in Zagreb and dropping off my luggage in the hotel, I first got some Kunas and then bought my ticket to Split for the next day (as a direct ticket from München to Split was not available). After having done that, I took a brief tour through Zagreb until it became dark, with visiting some of the tourist places.