Second half of the second day saw me entering the bus to Mostar in Split. Starting in Split, the bus was rather empty. As the bus went along the coast in Hrvatska to Ploce, it filled with more and more people (and was in many traffic jams). In Ploce, it met the train station which is in an industrial area. On this trip, one could see the disadvantages of busses: Not only one couldn't get up and meet new people, but also the bus needs to leave the main road for every stop, so a stop has a drastic effect on the speed of the connection. (However, as this bus was after the last train of the day, I had little choice; going from Zagreb to Mostar via Split in one day with minimum bus is basically impossible unless the train to Split is strictly on time.)

From Ploce, the bus went parallel to the train tracks. The boarder checks were quite easy to pass - except for one passenger who needed the passport stamped, but the stamp had to be fetched from the office first. That took a few minutes, but nothing too bad either. On entering Bosna i Hercegovina, I had the feeling of a rather dark country, at least compared to Hrvatska (but might be influenced as well that it was just getting dark, and I was in Zagreb on the previous evening). The journey for this day ended in Mostar, where I found a warm welcome in the hotel (which was some 10 minutes away from the bus and train station). An additional difficulty was that the hotel booking system I used to book hotels uses Google maps, but different to openstreetmaps, Google maps doesn't really know much about Bosna i Hercegovina.