Ok, I think it happend: I finally fell in love with katie.

I decided this weekend that mini-dinstall (and all the other little tools) are too complicated to be configured the way I like, and so decided to install dak (aka katie) at volatile.debian.net. The installation itself was quite painless (but well, the second installation can't be so hard anymore). I also added some mappings so that even uploads to stable or woody are mapped to woody-volatile (as they should). And of course, proper NEW handling is there, as well as some staging area for the review before inclusion.

So, now everything is ready. If you have a package you think that should go in, feel free to contact me. And, autobuilding will also be added soon (probably at the same time as I add autobuilding for Ganneffs archive).

And, frankly speaking, I really like the way dak handles packages. dak is a great tool.