During the recent weeks, we started to hunt and hint large batches of packages together to testing (and this blog is just to show a bit of what is part of the tasks of release team members). This started with a large jasper hint, continued with a very large poppler / texlive / jack / abiword-hint (which moved about 75% of the packages that were ready for testing migration in at the same time), then moved a more recent linux-2.6 version in, and now finally ghc6 / haskell.

However, now we reached a point where a few more release teamisch hints don't help anymore: The next large blocker is gcj-4.1 / gccdefaults / ecj. This is now blocked by different bugs on different architecture:

  • mips* needs to have xulrunner built first to build gcj-4.1. This is discussed in bug #428582, and the porters are busy working on it.
  • hppa fails for unknown reasons - probably it needs some porting. That should be discussed in bug #431865 but until now there was no answer from the hppa porters.
  • arm already reached the state of being out-of-date to a degree that it needs bootstraping by hand - see http://lists.debian.org/debian-arm/2007/07/msg00014.html for reference.

Update: Aurelien Jarno informed me that gcj-4.1 had to be bootstrapped on all architectures, but it hasn't happened yet on arm due to bugs in gcj.