As grub is now working on the loongson 2e boxes as well (thanks to phcoder and Colin Watson), it is time to move the buildds running at my home to a data center (previously we couldn't remote manage the kernels / boot flags without VGA console, which means no data center usage). Also one of the boxes could be converted to a porter machine, so that we could get an mipsel porter box again.

The machines are delivered only with 256M of ram, which is a bit too less for usage. Thanks to Zugschlus (Marc Haber) I got 1g ram for both machines going to Vienna (one buildd, one porter box), and thanks to Robert Grimm a 160g harddisk to replace the build-in 40g in the porter box (the buildd can cope with 40g fine). The additional ram modules and hard disk are visible on the following picture. is now DSAed, online and building packages (including autosigning). I will shutdown which is still at my place in the next days, reinstall the system and send it to Darmstadt as another buildd for data center hosting there. After that happens all mipsel buildds are DSAed as it should be, and are running in a data center and not via some DSL line.

(In case you're looking for hardware at your place, there are a couple of loongson 2f-systems available to buy. 2f is the successor cpu of 2e. Some 2f systems get delivered with Debian installed on it, see e.g. However, for buildd usage, the 2e are fine as well, and we got them sponsored some time ago.)