I have been approached by some people why I don't comment on the decision to commit to time-based releases.

Actually, that's quite simple, and there are basically two aspects of the same reason involved. First of all, I'm no longer one of the release managers. I stepped down after a having a very good time, and agreed to hand over the power to the current release managers. A transition of powers that mostly are social engineering powers can only work if one really stops using the powers. If I am only quiet in public when I disagree with the current release managers, it would be obvious when I agree and disagree. So I must be quiet in public about release decisions all the time, at least currently (this will hopefully change some time).

That doesn't mean I'm not voicing my opinions inside the release team - there I voice them openly, and will continue to do so. But of course I respect the authority of the release managers, granted to them by the constitution, and I will base my own actions on the decisions by the persons or bodies empowered through the constitution.

Now, some people told me I could just voice my opinion as normal developer. Though this seems be true, it isn't. Anything I say will always be read as the opinion of the former release manager. I might perhaps return to that state in a few more years time, but as of now, I just cannot.

Now, my position is quite easy. I could just shut up, and not write this blog, and ignore the few people who are directly asking me. For some people inside of Debian, this is not possible. For example, the press team has the task to transport the decisions and happenings inside of Debian to the outside. So they have, no matter what there own opinions are, to send out a press announcement which is positive of the decision. Their only option for not sending out that mail would be to step back. And frankly speaking, I'm really happy with what the publicity team has done. They are doing a very good job. Thank you for that.

Please remember: It's of course ok to not like the message. But please do not shoot the messenger. And remember, the publicity team (and for that decision also the DPL) are only messenger.