Protecting our privacy is important. For example, I wouldn't like if my mailing list subscriptions get known to anybody else (except the relevant listmasters of course as part of their job), for the simple reason that this is just my own decisions which lists I get mail from (and read, but that's not necessarily the same). This is an classical example of "personal information are handed out on a need-to-know-basis" (like to listmasters if necessary), and is also in line with european laws (I don't know the legal situation in other parts of the world enough).

Now, publishing mailing list subscriptions hased sounds like an good idea to protect privacy. But if thinking twice, this just doesn't work. Most peoples subscription addresses could be known by other means or are even the addresses they use for sending mails (some systems even enforce this). So this is a huge privacy fail.

Getting back to debian, and speaking the obvious out: The new interface to udd is just broken and wrong. Please remove all my adresses from being displayed, either in direct or hashed form, even in restricted mode. Thanks.