There are lots of conspiracy theories flying around about python-central. However, the fact is that python-central is an original Debian tool. I'm really very unhappy to see Matthias hard work always being refused as "Ubuntu foo". In reality, he puts lots of time and energy into Debian, and we thank him very little for that.

Even more, the major drawback of the competiting python-support is that it refuses to handle the real issues. Of course, reality is complex. But it is way worse if one writes a tool that just breaks if a package earlier in the dependency chain decides to change from python scripts to extensions (i.e. c-code linked with python).

Furthermore, the maintainer of python-support first agreed on some common solution for both tools (i.e. the new python policy), and now suddenly removed his approval, and creates another competiting way. I'm all for competition between software, but I'm not too happy with competition of policies - because policies describe how different packages work together, that means, it is an interface description.

In the end, my summary is that I recommend to use python-central. And I'm thankful that Matthias did a careful and good analysis how this implementation is done.

Update: I learned that in python-support 0.3 the bug is fixed that changes in the dependency chain can cause breakage (as the tool adjusted partly to the results of the discussion in Mexico); this is not yet true for the version in testing (but that's only transitionary, so I don't mind so much).