Today, the uninstallabilities went down even more. Istanbul has been updated from unstable, and is now installable again. So, this leaves us with:

  • 0 uninstallable packages on powerpc, alpha and mips*!
  • the only uninstallable package on i386, stars has been rebuilt, and should go into testing tomorrow or so - so we can expect 0 uninstallable packages on 5 arches by then.
  • ia64 still has libevolution-cil uninstallable; a rebuild of evolution-sharp might solve it.
  • Some of the remaining 16 packages on amd64 are connected via the uninstallability of rpm to the neon/perl-transition; the major issue there is that perl FTBFS on a couple of architectures right now. But everything looks rather smooth there, once we resolve the perl issues.
  • For the other architectures, not so much progress has happened.