trying: libxi/kfreebsd-amd64_tpu
accepted: libxi/kfreebsd-amd64_tpu
   ori: 127+4202: i-26:a-8:a-22:a-10:h-17:i-12:m-7:m-7:p-3:s-8:s-7:k-2129:k-2073
   pre: 127+4202: i-26:a-8:a-22:a-10:h-17:i-12:m-7:m-7:p-3:s-8:s-7:k-2129:k-2073
   now: 127+3326: i-26:a-8:a-22:a-10:h-17:i-12:m-7:m-7:p-3:s-8:s-7:k-1253:k-2073
   all: -sibyl-installer audiere/hppa linphone/hppa sdl-mixer1.2/hppa unicap/hppa libxi/kfreebsd-amd64_tpu
trying: libxi/kfreebsd-i386_tpu
accepted: libxi/kfreebsd-i386_tpu
   ori: 127+4202: i-26:a-8:a-22:a-10:h-17:i-12:m-7:m-7:p-3:s-8:s-7:k-2129:k-2073
   pre: 127+3326: i-26:a-8:a-22:a-10:h-17:i-12:m-7:m-7:p-3:s-8:s-7:k-1253:k-2073
   now: 127+2463: i-26:a-8:a-22:a-10:h-17:i-12:m-7:m-7:p-3:s-8:s-7:k-1253:k-1210
   all: -sibyl-installer audiere/hppa linphone/hppa sdl-mixer1.2/hppa unicap/hppa libxi/kfreebsd-amd64_tpu libxi/kfreebsd-i386_tpu
This quote from current britneys output mean that thanks to the binNMU of libxi to testing-proposed-updates (wasn't in testing yet for these two architectures at all) the uninstallability count of the two bsd-variants dropped down again by a large value (kfreebsd-amd64 from 2129 to 1253, kfreebsd-i386 from 2073 to 1210). Still much to do, but also much progress (and yes, one can now build testing chroots on the newcomers). (And please thank the porters for that, they do the hard work. I just pull the strings a bit here and there to optimize testing migration.)