One of the great things within Debian is how fast things happen if they are important. The php5-FTBFS-bug was fixed already yesterday. I'm now looking into more details of that transition, as my usual strategy is first to look at packages not updated at all architectures. Yesterday I took a deeper look into amd64-specific packages not updated to the new library yet. A few packages are just not uploaded yet (that's normal). Three packages had RC bugs without patch for "doesn't build anymore" since ages (asterisk-addons as #534037 since June 21st, mysql-gui-tools as #527652 since May 8th and ulogd as #527534 since May 7th). The first two packages are as of this writing already pending removal, the third might follow any minute. This is one of the bad things of unhandled RC bugs: They make us way more work, and they are really pending for removal from testing. Another few packages got fresh RC bugs for not building. Also e.g. pike7.6 does need an upload, but with obvious patch. So the conclusion is: However (un)important an RC bug looks to you, it is necessary that it is fixed as soon as possible. Please fix it. Fix it now. There is no use in waiting, things will only get worse. And if there are reasons for not uploading now, please document them, and make sure there is at least a patch in your bug report.