Being in a city, the public transport system is usually the most important way to get around. Inside of the city of Vancouver, and even mostly in the suburbs, the possibilities to get around are quite fine. However, there is next to no information.

It was quite hard to find out what ticket to use. First, I was told that there is a 2-hours ticket for 2 dollars, and a day pass for 8 dollars. Of course, the 2-hours ticket seems better with that. However, that ticket is only good for one zone, and as tourist, one usually wants also to get a bit out. Also, it's not 2 hours, but 90 minutes. Well, I learned that lesson.

Next one is: Which busses start where - and when. If you have luck, some bus stations tell you which lines go there. But that is not always accurate. Even less stations (and especially not the changing stations like Lonsdale Quay Market) tell which times a bus will go.

The most difficult one is to get an impression how the lines go. You can see a full map at the SkyTrain stations, but apart from that, only very few bus stations have a map. Actually, I was able to convince an employee to hand me over a map, but usually, people just don't get a map. And in the inner parts of the city, the map is highly inaccurate.

What bugs me about that is: The system is really great. The information is not. The effort to make the system really good useable would be quite low. But it is not done. And as someone coming from another place on the world, you don't have a real chance in getting to any information you need.